Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some like it Hoth-Recap(revisit)

Microwave with the display reading 3.16…. Asian lady wanting to rent an apartment…(its changes wife!!!)..a little boy walks in..then leaves…she calls him miles…(connection made!!!…we now know who is daddy is!)…he starts hearing things and goes into a room numbered 4…it’s a man that has died…he calls for his mom…he says he was crying out for Kimberley and the apartment guy says she died last year and miles says he heard him but he is dead!!…

Sawyer is calling miles…he wants him to erase the video feeds that Kate and him are on(video #4)….Miles agree’s…Sawyer tells Kate to go back and he is going searching…(maybe for Sayid??)…Horrace shows up to see Sawyer…Miles lies to where he is…he tells Miles he wants him to bring back what Randinsky gives him..section 334…Randinsky meets him and the thing horrace gave him was a body bag….Miles wants to know what happened and it looks like he was shot in the head…they say he feel into a ditch…He says to take it back to horrace and miles goes to the back looks at the guy and says ok what REALLY HAPPENED?!

Miles is now older back at the apartment and says he needs to see her…its his mom and she is very ill…most likely cancer…he apologizes that he couldn’t come by sooner…she wants to know why he came…he wants answers…he wants to know why he is special…and about his dad…she tells him that he never cared…he wants to know where he is and she says he is dead…and tells him he is at a place he can never go… Miles is running down to the security station…Horrace is talking to chang…Horrace wants him to take it to chang at the orchid now…Hurley is loading up his sandwiches in Miles’s van…he wants to carpool and miles doesn’t…they go together… Juliet is looking in a medicine cabinet…Kate shows up…tells Juliet about Ben and how he is going to be fine…Roger shows up and notices Ben is gone…they tell him that someone came in and got him..he freaks out and says he is going to go to security…Juliet tells kate here we go…

Miles and Hurley are riding in the van and he is taking some notes down…(we see the school Dharma symbol!)..hurley asks Miles if he farted in so many words!!..he says something is smelling bad and wants Miles to pull over….Hurley notices that there is a body in there and Miles tells him to say nothing about it…Miles tells him that his name was alverez…and thinking of a chick and then his filling got yanked out and blown through his brain and then he was dead…Hurley wants to know how he knows…he tells miles his secret is safe with him and tells him he can talk to them too…

Miles is with a man that has lost his son….wants to try and communicate with him and Miles says its better if there is a body…Miles gets paid ad tells the man what he wants to hear…(its very obvious now he is about money!)…he is leaving and Naomi talks to him..she says her employer wants to hire him…and tells her sure he will hear her out…they go to a restaurant…

Roger is sitting in a playground drinking…Kate notices him and joins him and tells him not to worry that she has a feeling that Ben will be fine…Roger gets the feeling that Kate knows more than she is letting on and tells her to leave him alone…

Miles and Hurley are riding in the van and hurley wants him to talk to him about the dead people…his powers are much different though…miles tells hurley it’s a feeling he gets and gets the info that way…they arrive at the orchid and he tells him not to say anything and deliver the sandwiches…Chang is mad he didn’t come alone…Hurley says he will not say anything about the body…Chang tells him that he will be shoveling polar bear poop…Hurley says that that guy is a total doush….and Miles says that guy is my dad..(wow…he knows!)

Miles and Naomi arrive at a restaurant and she tells him that this is his audition…she pays him and he tells her everything she needs to know about him…she tells him that’s enough and makes the offer to him…she tells him on the island they are looking for this man and there are a number of dead people that could help him…she says he will pay him 1.6 mil…(double that and its what he wanted from Ben!)…

Hurley wants to know more about miles and his dad…miles tells him that the 3rd day here he got in line behind his mom…and tells him that he cant save them no matter what he does…Chang shows up and tells them to take him to Randinsky…

Jack is cleaning a classroom and Roger shows up drunk wanting to know why he is working his rounds and Jack tells him he thought he might want the day off…Roger wants to know how kate knows so much…and Jack tells him not to worry that kate is a good person and just trying t help…

Hurley and chang and miles ride along and hurley tries to strike up a conversation with chang…he tells him he has a 3 month old son named miles and that his wife likes jazz but he is a fan of country(song in the opener!!)…they show up and drop him off…they are working on the swan and are putting the numbers on the hatch door…Hurley knows the last number before they say it and it surprises Miles..he tells him he knows because of what it is and tells him that the hatch crashed there plane…

Miles is getting a taco and gets abducted in a van by some guys…the guy is Bram! They guy with illana on the island…they tell him he can come work with him and not widmore…they ask him does he know what lies in the shadow of the statue…he says no and miles says he will go with him if they offer to pay him 3.2 mil! …they say no..and throw him out..he tells miles he is playing for the wrong team…and miles wants to know what team he plays for and bram says the one that’s going to win… Hurley still tries to get answers from miles but he wants nothing to do with it..he yanks the book from hurley and notices he is writing a story..Empire strikes back!! Haha! Hurley wants to write the script and send it in with some improvements to George Lucas…Miles says that’s real stupid and Hurley says at least he isn’t scared about talking to his own dad…

Sawyer shows back up and Jack is there and tells him about Roger and kate but tells him that he fixed it though…and Sawyer thanks him…Phil shows up and tells him he knows who took the kid….him..and sawyer tells him to come inside…Sawyer asks if Phil talked to horrace yet and he says no and then sawyer knocks him out and tells Juliet to get some rope..

Miles shows up and tells the guy that he lied about talking to his son and gives him the money back..and tells him that if he wanted his son to know something he should have told him when he was still alive(this really has him thinking now about his dad I am sure)… Miles and Hurley show back up at camp…Hurley apologizes to him…Hurley tells him his story about his dad…giving him a second chance..and tells him that’s how luke felt on empire…and it gets miles thinking..Miles shows up to his parents house watching his dad read to his baby version of himself…he gets very emotional…he is reading him a book entitled my polar bear…he gets a phone call to leave and notices miles and tells him he needs him…tells him he needs him to pick up scientists from the sub…

They show up at the sub and everyone is getting off and one of them is Daniel! He tells miles hi and tells him long time no see!..fade to black!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dead is Dead-Recap(revisit)

A man riding on a horse through the jungle to his camp(this has to be Charles!)…YES!! It is! Richard tells him that the island chooses who the island chooses(Widmore seems very angry about all of this until Richard tells him this…Richard tells him that Jacob wanted it done…that’s all he needed to say apparently…Charles goes in to talk to young Ben…Charles lets him know that they are going to take care of him and that he will be back soon. Ben doesn’t want to go back to his dad…He wants to be one of them…Charles tells him just because he lives with them doesn’t mean he can be one of them…he tells him that he is lucky that the island saved him and he is Charles Widmore! (how many other folks are living in Dharma that are grooming others!)

Flash…Ben is knocked out and Locke tells him welcome back to the living! Ben is completely shocked and tells Locke he knew it would happen! He tells locke its one thing to believe it and another thing to see it! (this is very much tied to his Thomas story he told Jack)..Locke wants to know why he was leaving to go to the other island..he tells Locke that he “broke the rules” and he is here to be judged by the smoke monster…

Illana and other survivors are working to move a crate…Ben offers to help and they decline..Caesar wants to know how ben is and what he thinks of Locke…Ben tells him that maybe Locke was already here and he might be crazy(this could be another Ben lie to further what he wants and maybe further Walts dreams…)He introduces himself to Ben and says he has his back…

Flash to late island 80’s…Ben and young Ethan are out to Kill the French chick…but when ben finds out she has a baby he takes it and tells her that if she wants to live never to come looking and if she hears whispers to run the other way (hmm…what exactly are the whispers and why does ben tell her to run the other way??!!)…

Flash…Ben is at his desk taking a picture of himself and Alex…Locke shows up and wants some explanation of why Ben killed him…Ben said it was the only way to get everyone back…and that he failed and that’s why he had to die…ben said he had info that he needed to help and Ben didn’t have the time to talk him back into hanging himself…Locke says he was just hoping for an apology!…Locke said he has decided to help Ben be judged…

Ben and Locke are getting one of the boats ready to take over to the other island and Caesar tries to stop them…Locke said he is going and when Caesar tries to stop them and grab his gun Ben pulls out his gun and kills Caesar…Ben says they are going to the other island…he tells Locke consider this my apology…

Locke and Ben make it to the other island and Locke wants to know who is already here…Ben tells him its sun and lapidus…also Ben tells him that his arm was hurt by someone else and that friends are more dangerous than enemies…Locke said he no sense in me dying twice…they are going to Ben’s old house to summon the smoke monster.…Locke thinks Ben is lying about being judged for breaking the rules…he thinks he wants to be judged for killing his daughter..

Flash to late island 80’s…Ben brings back Alex and Widmore is upset..he tells Ben that his orders were to exterminate the woman!…and Ben said it’s a child and shouldn’t be killed..Widmore tells Ben that every thing he has done has been in the best interest of the island..Ben says to him is killing her what Jacob wants??!!…He then tells widmore to do it then…he walks off…

Locke and Ben are walking to a ravaged Dharma camp…Locke wants to know who’s idea it was to move here…and Ben tells him that its what the island wants and locke says it doesn’t seem like its what the island wants and Ben says you don’t have the slightest idea what the island wants and Locke says are you sure about that!

A light comes on in Alex’s room and ben goes in to check it out…its sun and frank…they show Ben the pic of the Dharma folk and Ben seems very surprised about it…he wants to know who gave it to him and they said an old man named Christian…Ben seems very freaked now…they tell him that he said if she wants to ever see her husband again she has to wait here for Locke…he is there and Sun is very shocked…he tells her that he is all the help she needs…she decides to stay and frank leaves…

She wants to know how locke knows but locke says ben has something to do first…Ben goes through his closet area(same as last season) to summon the monster…its very ancient and when he goes to summon it its almost like a drain…he lets the water out and with a very funny comment in my mind tells it that he will be outside!…

Flash …Ben is swinging Alex and Richard comes up to tell him the sub is leaving and Ben says he has to see him off…Widmore is leaving the island(I guess this is him being banished..just like he told Locke)..Ben tells him he doesn’t deserve to be here that he left the island too much and had a daughter with an outsider…and Ben tells him he is the one that wanted alex dead and not the island…Widmore says he hopes Ben is right…(of course this plays into her death completely!)
Flash…Sun tells Ben that Locke had to take care of something and she doesn’t seem to believe that Locke was dead and Ben admits to sun that he was really dead and that he has seen the island heal the sick and that nothing has ever happened like this..and that he is very scared…he tells sun to go inside..and Locke comes out instead and wonders why the monster hasn’t shown up yet…Locke says we will have to go to it..Ben doesn’t know where it is but Locke does…he tells sun he knows its weird but he is the same man he has always been…they head off to the monster…

Flash….Ben calls Widmore and tells him that he is going back to the island…and he is going to kill his daughter… Flash…Sun, Locke and Ben go through the jungle…and Ben seems baffled that Locke knows everything…and he tells Locke he hates not knowing..and Locke says well now you know what it was like to be me!…they keep walking and end up at the temple..Ben says he remembers they brought him here as a child to be healed…(wonder how much he remembers)…Locke tells Ben they are not going in the temple they are going under it!(same place as before with the French party!)…Sun gets a request from Ben..he wants her to find Des and tell him that he was sorry…

Flash…Ben tries to kill Penny…he shoots des and walks over but when he see’s that they have a child he cant do it…and then des shows up and beats the living heck out of him and dumps him in the water…(this explains why he looked the way he did!)

Flash…Frank is back on the other island and one of the survivors tells him that illana found guns and they are incharge now…she shows up and asks him what lies in the shadow of the statue…frank doesn’t know what she is saying and she knocks him out and tells them to tie him up and that its time…

Locke and Ben are walking under the temple and Ben admits that he is there to be judged for the death of alex…Ben goes off alone and falls even further down…it is very ancient and old…Locke goes running to get him something to help him out…Ben walks and see’s the holes and the smoke monster comes out to judge him…it circles him and alexes life flashes before bens eyes…it then goes away without harming him…WOW! Then Alex shows up and tells him to not even think about killing locke…that he has to listen to him…hmm she has to be the smoke monster…Locke then calls for him and Locke wants to know what happened and Ben tells him that it let him live…fade to black!
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'Lost's' 100th Episode Will 'Flash Forward'

Apparently ABC is pretty jazzed about its forthcoming pilot, Flash Forward. Loosely based on Robert J. Sawyer's sci-fi novel, David S. Goyer and 'Star Trek' veteran Brannon Braga's Flash Forward stars Joseph Fiennes and chronicles the aftermath of a global event in which everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes, 17 seconds and has a mysterious vision of the future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when viewers tune in for the 100th episode of Lost next week, they will be served an extra dose of mystery. ABC will launch a stealth promo campaign for Flash Forward during the episode in which Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) comes clean about what he knows about the island.

The trade reports that while questions about Lost's dense mythology will likely be answered in the 100th episode, the commercial breaks for Flash Forward will raise a host of new ones. Viewers will see perplexing snippets that may also direct them to a website.

Source: Cinema Spy
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hurley speaks!

Let’s start with some short non Lost questions. What's the best band ever?

Ooo! That's a bold question. It's hard to deny the Stones although I listen to the Beach Boys more often.

Who's the most famous person on your mobile phone?

J.J. Abrams?

What's guaranteed to make you mad?

If anyone hurts my dog.

What's your most extravagant purchase ever?

A painting.

What's the most outrageous thing you've ever heard about yourself?

That I'm a sex symbol.

Who would you most like to go to the pub with for one hour?

Shane MacGowan

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I'm a Ferrari. If they should want to make their movie with say a Hyundai. It doesn't take away from em being a Ferrari.

What's been your worst fashion disaster?

I don't know. I sometimes try to run errands early in the morning in the clothes I've slept in.

What's your favorite smell?

New rain on hot asphalt.

Do you have any recurring dreams?

No, but last night I dreamt a bunch of us were being attacked by hippos that could get up on their hind legs.

What's your favorite swear word?

I'll save this question for James Lipton.

What is your favorite part about filming in Hawaii?

Pretty much that. I'm filming in Hawaii. There's nothing like it.And what’s the worst part?Bugs I guess.

What has been your favorite scene of the series to date which included you?

Hmm... I shot one that hasn't aired yet that I like very much. I can't say right now though.

And what is your favorite scene without you?

I liked the scene when Locke is trying to convince Jack to push the button. I'm actually in it, but I'm kinda on the sidelines. I just like being a spectator on set for it.

If you could change a scene of a previous episode on Lost, which one would it be, how would you change it and why would you change it?

I'd probably cut the scene where Hurley dips mango in ranch dressing.

During which scene did you have the most fun?

Driving the van was fun.

Do you want to know Libby's back story as much as the fans do?


Are you enjoying the Dharma Initiative 70s storyline?

The jumpsuits are a lot of fun.

The information we have on Episode 13 so far implies that Hurley and Miles are going to have a lot of screen time. Would you consider this episode to be a Hurley centric, a Miles centric, or is the focus pretty much equally balanced?

Well it's not hurley centric.

Does Hurley get some kick-ass lines/scenes in episode 13?


What do The Numbers mean to you?

I don't really think about them too much.

Why do you think Hurley can see Jacob’s Cabin?

Because he's "touched"

How many times in your life did someone walk up to you and said “Dude…”?

Don't know. It happened today though.

Do you like it when people recognize you and ask for an autograph or a photo?I

t's usually fine.

Did you film scenes for upcoming episodes with people Hurley has never interacted with before? (Richard, Faraday etc.)


Which character/actor would you like to spend more screen time with?

I don't know. I enjoy shooting with everybody.

Do you think you’re going to cry when you finished shooting/watching the last scene of season 6?

I might.

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Pre-Daddy Josh talk....

Today, I was thrilled to read that the witty and charming Josh Holloway, who plays grifter-turned-leader-of-men Sawyer on ABC's Wednesday-night drama "Lost," and wife Yessica Kumala became first-time parents on April 9 with the birth of a daughter, Java Kumala Holloway.

On April 3, I talked to Holloway by phone from the "Lost" location in Hawaii for a syndicated feature story to coincide with the show's 100th episode, airing on April 29 (click here for cast member Jorge Garcia's blog, which contains pictures of the celebratory cake, created by Charm City Cakes of Food Network's "Ace of Cakes").

As it turned out, the conversation took place only days before the blessed event, and luckily I had time to ask Holloway how he felt about being a dad.

Holloway said, "Well, I'm about to find out. We're getting close. It's beyond moving. I can't even describe it to you. I listen to country music and drive my car, and it makes me all teary. I'm like, 'God, I've got to listen to reggae or something, so I'll be happy.'"

It's powerful. Those emotions come up around a child. It's been a lot of fun. It's just been amazing. It's been a really wonderful experience so far. Few more weeks" -- little did he know it would be a few more days -- "I'll be with my sunglasses on, trying to change diapers and avoid getting pooed on."

On this particular Friday, Holloway said that he had one more day of work, which meant that filming would be wrapped up before the birth."

Yes, that timed out really nicely," he said, "for the wife, for me, because I really want to be there. I don't want to miss that, because it's quite an amazing experience."

Asked if he and his wife were fully equipped at home, Holloway said, "Of course. We're all cocked and ready. We're so ready, it's ridiculous. So far, so good. We're just waiting for the day. She is very ready, and she's been great."

Some of Holloway's fellow cast members are parents, and as to whether they've been giving him advice, he said, "Oh, gosh, whether you seek it or not, you get it. I have heard every story there is from men, women -- oh my goodness -- read all the books and all that."

Now I'm ready to just do it, and I think that's natural. It's the beauty of nature -- you get that nine months to actually wrap your psyche and heart around what you're about to get into. You have to learn all these things, and then you just have to do it, go on instinct."

But I'm looking forward to it."

I wondered aloud whether this new-daddy business might make Holloway all mellow."

I might be," he said, "you never know. Good God knows I'm round at the moment. I'm definitely having a pregnancy with my wife. I'm like, 'Shirt off, I don't think so. No, no, we'll do that next year.' Right now, I'm being a soft Daddy-O."

Speaking of shirts coming off, although Holloway said he was glad that his big TV success came a little later Josh3 in life, there are advantages to youth when the script calls for several shirtless scenes, as Holloway had in this year's season premiere."

Staying in shape would be a lot easier," he said on that subject. "Not so fun for me, because I'm like 38, 39 -- that would have been better at 25. But, you know, you do what you gotta, and it keeps you in shape, whether you like it or not."

So it's like, 'All right, I'll do it,' then I made the phone calls, 'Please, guys, don't do that to me anymore.' They broke the back of it this season, and I was like, 'Ya'll, I can't.'"

As for the tan, though, Holloway reveals that was the easy part."That's au naturel," he said. "I can get pretty dark. If I have to do a scene of that nature, I just go fishing, hang out on the boat all day. Four or five hours in the sun, you change four or five shades darker. I just did that, and I'm glad I did."

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Congrats Josh!!

Josh Holloway has become a father for the first time.

The 'Lost' actor and his wife Yessica Kumala welcomed a daughter into the world on April 9 in Oahu, Hawaii.

The couple - who announced the pregnancy in December - have named the baby Java Kumala Holloway.

A source said: "Dad and mom are absolutely thrilled. Everyone is happy and healthy."
No further details about the birth have been released.
Josh's 'Lost' co-star Daniel Dae Kim recently revealed he was confident the 39-year-old hunk would enjoy fatherhood.

Daniel said: "He will be an incredible dad. When you talk to him about his baby, his face completely lights up."

Josh and Yessica, who have been married since 2004, live in Hawaii where Josh's hit US TV show is filmed.
The American actor proposed to Yessica, who hails from Indonesia, after he had finished shooting the pilot for 'Lost'.

Source: Monstors and Critics

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recap-Whatever Happened Happened

Jin is by his van just waking up from being knocked out from Sayid. He tells Phil that he is headed north on the radio…Jin notices that young ben has been shot and rushes him back..(I am guessing he figures Sayid did this)

Horrace and the group are cleaning up from te fire and Jack wants to know how he could stat the fire when he was locked up…Horrace knows that somehow it was someone on the inside that helped him on this…Roger Linus introduces himself to Kate when he needs her help with the van…Jin pulls up in the van with Ben…Roger goes running for him…

Flash…Kate and Aaron going to someone’s house( I am thinking this is when we see Cassidy)…it is her!! Kate sings a falling star lullaby to Aaron(could be useful to us later!)…she tells Cassidy that Sawyer sent her….

Kate tells Cassidy the whole story!( I guess she isn’t worried about her spilling anything) Cassidy seems very mean about Sawyer and the money that Kate wants to give her…also Cassidy knows that Aaron cant be kates and Kate tells her she has to lie about him…

Kate goes to the security station to talk to Sawyer about the situation and tells him that it was Ben that was shot and Horrace shows up and he has to send her off…they check the cell and figure out that someone let him out…they see its janitors keys….Sawyer goes to talk to jack…Sawyer orders Miles to get them all Kate,Hurley and Jack together in a house and keep them there…

Sawyer shows up at the medic center…Roger was outside and Sawyer wants to know where his keys are…(I am thinking Sawyer knows now who let Sayid out)..Juliet is trying to save Ben but she cant….she needs Jack to help…

Miles keeps everyone in the house…and lets them know it was sawyers orders…Hurley is starting to have thoughts he might not exist anymore…Miles tries to explain to him what’s up….he tells him this was always meant to happen…that we just never experienced our outcome..he says that this is Ben’s past but its there future…that any of them can die because its there future even though they are in the past…Sawyer shows up to try and get Jack to help…he refuses…and sawyer says if he doesn’t help that Ben will die…and Jack says then he dies…

Kate is looking out the window and notices Jack in the kitchen making sandwiches…Kate wants to know why he wont help cause she thinks its there fault…but jack explains that he has already saved Ben once and he did it for her…and he isn’t going to do it again…and he also said that maybe the island doesn’t want him fixing things that maybe it wants to and he was getting in the way before…(WOW!! Very Locke like!)…and kate said she doesn’t like the new Jack that she likes the old Jack…Jack says you didn’t like the old me…

Kate shows up to donate blood for Ben (maybe is this why he isn’t mean to her in the future because she helps??)…she is a universal donor and can help…she tells Juliet she is mad at Jack and doesn’t understand his thinking and tells Juliet that they were engaged…Roger shows up and needs some answers and Kate lets him sit with her…Roger knows now that it was Ben that let him out….and says he did it because of him and because he is a bad father…and that he just needs his mom…(even though we know this always happened..could the future though actually be changed due to some of this…could it play out different??)…Ben goes into shock and needs more help…

Hurley tries to understand Miles logic on all of the time travel…he explains again that this is there future…BUT he cant seem to understand why Ben doesn’t remember Sayid in the future if he shot him in the past…

Roger wants to know if he is ok…and Juliet sends him off to the medical station for supplies and he thanks her…Juliet says he willl not survive without more help…she tells Kate that maybe the others can do something to help..(OK…it really seemed like she had a message sent to her right then when she thought of it…could this really be the beginning on how Ben is tied to these folks??…WOW…Jack was right..maybe it is the island that heals him..)..Juliet helps Kate get ben in the van but Kate says she needs to go alone and that Juliet cant get in trouble…Juliet says she will have to tell Sawyer but will try and help..

Flash…Kate is at the dock and drives off with Aaron..aaron wants a drink so they go to the store and when they get there her phone rings and she loses Aaron…she finds him finally but you can tell she was very upset at herself…the woman that helps take him to the front has a striking look to Claire!!!

Kate is driving the van to the pylons to turn the fence off to get Ben out to Richard and the others…Ben says to her to tell his dad he is sorry that he stole the keys…Sawyer shows up and Kate thinks he is there to stop her…he said no freckles I am here to help you!!(haha!! Name calling once again!)…

Flash…Kate shows up to Cassidy’s again with Aaron…she tells her they are going back to the island and she doesn’t know what to do…she wants to help Kate and Kate tells her about the store and that she actually wasn’t surprised though that she knew she would fail at some point…and Cassidy said she feels that way because she took him…and kate says that Claire was gone and he needed her…Cassidy said nope kate needed him…

Sawyer said he is helping because no matter what he turns out to be that you cant just let a kid die…and that he is doing it for his daughter too…they go off in the jungle to find Richard….

Juliet shows up to talk to Jack…Jack said he wanted to come back to save them and she says he didn’t need saving…and Jack said he was supposed to come back…he just doesn’t know why yet…

Kate and sawyer go to find Richard in the jungle and Kate tells Sawyer about his daughter…she tells him that she did what he asked…and tells him that she looks just like him…she tells him that Cassidy is still upset at him and sawyer said that he wasn’t fit to be her boyfriend or a father..kate said that he is doing fine with Juliet and he says he has done a lot of growing up…the others show up and Sawyer demands that they take them to Richard unless they want a war…they do…

Flash…Kate shows up at Claires mom’s hotel and talks to her…she tells her about everything and how aaron is her grandson and that Claire is alive and they left her because they couldn’t find her…she said for her to take care of him because she is going back…she is going back to find Claire..(WOW…ok now we know why Kate went back!)…Kate goes and says bye to aaron..they check in 2 doors down…its one of the most emotional moments for Kate in the series…very sad…and then she says bye bye baby and leaves…

Sawyer and Kate are making it close to Richard…Richard comes out of the jungle…he says hello James(how does he know his name now??)…he asks if that was Ben Linus…Richard says he can do it but he will not remember this and his innocence will be lost and that he will always be one of them…(this is how it all starts! This is what Jack was talking about…also this might be why he doesn’t remember Sayid)…one of the others says he shouldn’t do it because they didn’t ask ellie or Charles,…and Richard says he doesn’t answer to either of them and let them find out!….Richard takes Ben inside the temple…

Flash…Ben is knocked out and Locke is waiting for him to get up…Ben wakes up and Locke says welcome back to the land of the living and smiles….Ben seems very shocked….fade to black!
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